Many veterinarians use the power of compounding to adjust tricky doses and forms for all of your pet’s needs! Mmmm chicken and tuna!

Have you ever tried to give your cat a pill? If so, you know just how hard it can be. Or maybe you have one of those dogs- we know they’re out there. Pets need medications for various conditions, such as hyperthyroidism, pain, and infections. Although pets need medications when certain problems arise, often times they may reject a commercially available drug because of its taste or smell. Additionally, animals rarely require the same dosages as people and therefore multiple tablets or portions of tablets are generally required for therapy. The practice of pharmacy compounding could be the solution to your pet’s needs, just like it is to many veterinary problems.

One of the obstacles faced when trying to treat animals is that they don’t want to take a medication because of how it tastes. As a compounding pharmacy, we have a nearly unlimited variety of custom flavors for your pet to choose from, including beef, liver, cheddar, peanut butter, and fish.  Compounding pharmacists also have the ability to make medication in a dosage form your pet will enjoy. For example, a bacon flavored chewable tablet for your K9 companion or a salmon flavored liquid for your beloved feline friend. We have the special tools to make medication a treat for your pet! Moreover, some pet owners find topical administration of medications easier altogether. Maybe your cat is one of many that has a thyroid condition. We can put the same medication traditionally given by mouth into a cream you may rub on their ear! Easy as that!

Another complication of veterinary medicine is getting the precise dosage of medication. Pets come in all different shapes, sizes and species. Often times, manufactured drugs can’t deliver a specific dose. The dosage required to treat pain in a toy Chihuahua isn’t nearly enough to treat a Great Dane. A compounding pharmacy can help you avoid splitting, crushing, doubling or tripling tablets that your pet may refuse to swallow anyway. We can make medications precise and easy to administer to your animals!

Pets are special. Just like their owners, they have unique medication needs. Whether it’s a tricky strength, rare flavor, or uncommon route of administration, compounding pharmacists have the solution. If you would like to learn more about the practice of compounding for veterinary use or think a compounded prescription could benefit you and your furry friend, contact us today and our pharmacist will be happy to help.