There are many reasons Dentist and patients turn to compounding for answers. From dental phobia to the unpleasant taste of oral medicine, the compounders have you covered! A caring dentist can work closely with our pharmacist to provide compassionate, customized care.

Common reasons for compounding in dentistry:

  • Dental anxiety

What if patients could enjoy a delicious medicated, anti-anxiety lollipop or troche on the way to their appointment? Pain or no pain, dental phobia is extremely common and a compounded prescription may help alleviate that fear.


  • Medication taste/flavor/texture

Do you have a child who refuses to get their teeth cleaned because of the taste of the toothpaste? The presence of taste buds in dentistry can make dosing tricky although we can make them more acceptable.


  • Angular cheilitis (infected sores on the corners of the mouth)

We have formulas that may relieve the pain and discomfort associated with angular cheilitis, and may additionally help reduce the appearance of fissures more quickly.


  • Halitosis (chronic bad breath)

Continually using alcohol-based mouth wash to fight bad breath? While immediate minty freshness is pleasing, there’s a new, alternative approach to better breath.


  • Dry sockets

New and improved dosage forms using the latest technology deliver a long-lasting protective barrier, keeping the mouth moist.


  • Pre/post oral surgery pain

If you or someone you know is experiencing extreme dental pain or is having an oral surgery and prefers not to use oral narcotics, we can make intraoral gels and other applications to help eliminate the side effects of these medications.


  • Burning mouth syndrome (BMS)

If you suffer from BMS, talk to your dentist or call and speak with our pharmacist today about how we might be able to help relieve your symptoms.


  • Dry mouth

If you’ve tried various solutions to treating dry mouth with no success, you’re not alone. Mucus-adhering mouth wash could be your solution to keeping your mouth moist.


  • Oral ulcers/infections

We can provide mucosal bandages or suspensions containing active ingredients that provide long-lasting, real relief, of pain and inflammation caused by these conditions.


  • Periodontal treatment

Compounding allows multiple medications to be combined into a single gel, mouth rinse, or mucosal bandage that maintain contact between active ingredients and affected areas.


  • Nausea & vomiting

Antiemetic medications aren’t very helpful to patients who can’t swallow medications. Fortunately, we can put the same active ingredients into a cream that is absorbed through the skin.


  • Needle anxiety

As a compounding pharmacy, we have the ability to work with your dentist to compound a topical anesthetic designed specifically for you to allow for painless dental injections.


  • Gagging

Some people find it extremely difficult to receive dental care because their gag reflex is so sensitive. Our pharmacist makes up special formulations to reduce gagging!


We use pharmaceutical grade chemicals and specialized equipment to create individualized prescriptions in dosage forms and strengths that are not commercially available. Dentists use compounding to address a wide array of complications. If you don’t see your concern listed above, it doesn’t mean we can’t serve you! Call us today and speak with our friendly pharmacist with any questions you may have.