With alternate dosage forms and combination therapy, we have the ability to provide real relief to chronic pain patients.

Do you suffer from chronic pain? According to The Academy of Pain Medicine, 100 million adult Americans suffer from chronic pain. Coping with chronic pain or the unwanted side effects of common treatment plans doesn’t have to be a way of life. Compounding unites science with the most advanced technology to create customized medications tailored to meet specific needs; hence, compounded pain medications provide valuable benefits to those who struggle with persistent pain. Alternative dosage forms, combined formulations, and strength variations are all benefits of compounded pain medications.

Some chronic pain sufferers are unwilling to, or may find it difficult to swallow a capsule or tablet in attempt to control their pain. Compounding pharmacists can prepare custom pain prescriptions using unique delivery systems. Many traditional pain medications can be compounded into a cream or gel and applied directly to the affected area. Topical dosage forms help eliminate the undesirable side effects of oral pain medications. Some of these include: constipation, nausea, headache, sedation, dizziness, and dry mouth. They may also be available in the form of a suppository or a custom-flavored troche, which dissolves under the tongue. Such dosage forms provide optimal results with less GI irritation because they may bypass the GI tract. Narcotic analgesics also have high potential for misuse, abuse, and diversion (the use of prescription drugs for recreational purposes). Topical pain medications and suppositories can reduce this potential as well.

Additionally, many patients suffering from chronic pain use multiple medications in attempt to address various symptoms associated with this disease. Often times we can create a single compounded preparation to incorporate multiple medications, providing optimal results and convenience to the patient. Furthermore, compounds can be made in whatever strength is necessary to treat the individual patient. Due to the difference in size, pain tolerance, and other factors, manufactured products do not always provide proper relief to patients. Working closely with your health care provider, our compounding pharmacist can help identify the appropriate dosage and form tailored specifically to your needs.

Chronic pain can be debilitating. Every patient is unique and the types of pain experienced can be just as diverse. We may be able to help provide relief to those suffering from chronic pain, and therefore improve their quality of life. By working with a compounding pharmacist, your doctor can prescribe treatments designed for you. Please contact us with any comments or questions you may have.